Welcome to the VoIP Drupal sandbox!

This interactive site has been created to provide the latest news about VoIP Drupal and to invite you to experiment with some of the main features of this platform. Enjoy!

VoIP Drupal is under continuous development. If you would like to get involved or simply ask questions, discussions are taking place on the VoIP Drupal Group. You can find additional information in the VoIP Drupal Handbook and on the VoIP Drupal project page.


VVD Workspace: 
Script ranjit:
$script->addDial('+918676022208');$script->addSay('Hello world!');$script->addHangup();


VVD Workspace: 
Script aneo:
$script->addDial('+919006713723');$script->addSay('Hello world!');$script->addHangup();


VVD Workspace: 
Script hello_gajodhar:
$script->addDial('+554898273662');$script->addSay('Gajodhar bhaiya went plz put your call...................thank you');$script->addHangup();

hello m1

VVD Workspace: 
Script hello_m1:
$script->addDial('+919006759955');$script->addSay('call over plz put your phone');$script->addHangup();


VVD Workspace: 
Script asumit:


VVD Workspace: 
Script b1b2b3b4b5:
$script->addDial('+918143763501');$script->addSay('alskdjf world!');$script->addHangup();


VVD Workspace: 
Script 1a1b1c1d:


VVD Workspace: 
Script a1b1c1:
$script->addDial('+919006759955');$script->addSay('cvbzdgfgdfsgvxzvxvxcv world!');$script->addHangup();

Hello Tata

VVD Workspace: 
Script hello_tata:
$script->addDial('+917352180525');$script->addSay('call over plz put your call');$script->addHangup();

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