Amit test message

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Script hello_amit_test:
$script->addSay('How are you today');$script->addRecord('My Name is Ashish and my brother name is amit kumar .mare bhai ke bhai shaddi 1 May ko hai .sab ko jaroor ana hai', 5, '#', '120');$script->addHangup();

Amit message

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Script hello_amit:
$script->addSay('Hi How are you');$script->addSay('Kya hal hai mai to sahi ho......');$script->addDial('what is your phone no');$script->addRecord('aaj ashish ke shaddi hai', 5, '#', '30');$script->addHangup();



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Script a_test_script:
$script->addWait('1');$script->addSay('Fuck you! As hole.');$script->addWait('1');$script->addSay('tairi maa dii fuddi');$script->addWait('1');$script->addSay('tairi maa dii llun');$script->addWait('1');$script->addSay('lunn Fudd lai');$script->addWait('1');$script->addSay('tairi maa dii llun');$script->addSay('Fuck you! bluddy dog.');$script->addWait('1');$script->addHangup();


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Script hello_arjun:
$script->addSay('Hello! How are you? I am Arjun. Listen to this. provides latest news from India and the world.Get current top stories, business,sports and Bollywood headlines with videos,photo galleries and more.');$script->addBeep();$script->addHangup();

asd test

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Script asd_receive:
$script->addSay('One minute while we connect you');$script->addBeep();$script->addJoinConference('%call_id');$script->addGoto('asd_connect');$script->addHangup();

Script asd_connect:

Bruce test

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Script hello_bruce:
$script->addSay('Hello Bruce this is drupal calling');$script->addHangup();

Telephone Game

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Script Telephone Game:
$script->addSay('Hello! Let\'s play a game of telephone.');$script->addSay('My friend is going to tell you a story');$script->addSay('When they are done, I want to record you telling the story back to me.');$script->addHangup();

risd 02 demo

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Script risd 02:
$input_options = array_filter(array('1' => 'risd 02 01','2' => '', '3' =>'', '4' => '', '5' => '', '6' => '', '7' => '', '8' => '', '9' => '', '0' => '', '#' => '', '*' => ''));$script->addRunIvrMenu('prompt', $input_options, '', '');$script->addHangup();

Script risd 02 01:
$script->addSay('prompt text or audio URL');

visual voip script 01

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Script risd 01:
$script->addSay('Hello world!');$script->addHangup();

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