VVD example from VoIp Drupal Hands On Experience Webinar 3/14

VVD Workspace: 
Script VoIP Drupal Community Hotline:
$script->addSetVoice('allison-twilio');$script->addSay('Hello there Drew pahl friends this is a test, please type in your zip code after the beep.');$script->addBeep();$script->addGetInput('%input_digits', '5');$script->addSetVoice('dave-twilio');$script->addSay('thank you, we will now forward you to the correct number for you to hear any NEW announcements in your zip code area. Thank you for calling the VoIP Drupal Community Hotline');$script->addDial('6172061198');$script->addHangup();


VVD Workspace: 
Script matts_test_3:
$script->addSay('Hello world!');$script->addGetInput('please enter your phone number', '10');$script->addSendText('Hello, Matthew!', '%input_digits');$script->addHangup();

Video of the VoIP Drupal webinar: Building sites that answer calls, send SMS and more

Thanks to the 100+ folks who attended the VoIP Drupal webinar from yesterday (3/7)!

It was really good to share the cool things that we have been working on with all of you and get a better sense of the kind of questions and ideas you have for VoIP Drupal.

Here is the recording: http://bit.ly/wOZY5O

And here's a link to the slides: http://slidesha.re/yNr3Jy

Among other things, the session
* Introduced VoIP Drupal, its functionality and basic components
* Demonstrated use cases and the latest features of VoIP Drupal in action
* Highlighted the benefits of the platform, and


lucy test

What's up my friend?

VVD Workspace: 
Script what_up:
$script->addSetVoice('man');$script->addSet('whatsUp', 'value');$script->addGetInput('What\'s up my friend?', '3');

FreeScholar Community Hotline

VVD Workspace: 
Script hello_freescholar:
$script->addSetVoice('dave-twilio');$script->addSay('Hello Buccaneer Scholar, glad you found us. Please enter your zip code after the beep');$script->addBeep();$script->addGetInput('%input_digits', '5');$script->addSetVoice('allison-twilio');$script->addSay('Thank you, we will now direct your call to the community hotline for your specific area');$script->addDial('6172061198');$script->addHangup();$script->addBeep();


VVD Workspace: 
Script hello_world:
$script->addSay('Hello world!');$script->addRecord(prompt text or audio URL);$script->addBeep();$script->addHangup();

mark's workspace

VVD Workspace: 
Script My script:

Script Second:


VVD Workspace: 
Script x:
$script->addSay('Hello world!');$script->addHangup();

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